Request-Reply pattern using Apache Kafka or How not to loose your data

There are many patterns to help with software design. The Gang-of-Fourth provides us with patterns to organize the code better. Enterprise Integration patterns (EIP) are the other list of patterns. They helps us with communications between applications.

One of EIP is Request-Reply.

It is very simple. When one service needs in some data it sends a Request to the other service which is responsible of such data. Then responsible service prepares an Response and provides the Requestor with it.

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Normalized Logger for OpenFeign

Standard OpenFeign logger provides the only approach to log communications — it logs every header in separated log entries, the body goes into another log entry.

It is very inconvenient to deal with such logs in production especially in multithreaded systems.

‘Normalized Logger’ is intended to combine all log entries related to one request-reply communication into one log entry.

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